Mars Moses Songs and Words



My siblings and I
were way too tired
But the adults
were filled with energy
Scrabble pieces jump off and on the floor
as my aunt’s accused of cheating
Loud laughter and bright
gleaning smiles
Flashing colored lights
from the TV

I lean my head on you
and it was all ok

Oh mom
Thank you mother
Oh mom
Thank you mother

Dead leaves on windshields
in the parking lot
Reminding me that
everything will change
I head in to your
apartment building
n tell you I had enough
of cloudy days
Stress from money
and school was draining me
So I told you I had
to get away

You told me that it
will be okay

Oh mom
Thank you mother
Oh mom
Thank you mother

Boogers in the eyes
and scalp flakes in hand
As I lean over my unpaid bills
Rush through my morning routine
and prepare for work
and try to keep my head up
without using pills
But I keep going strong
because I was raised to know
That though we’re all trying to
climb our own hill

Make the most of it
And it will be ok